Skydive Atlanta

Skydive Atlanta

This was a special quest for me on so many different levels. It’s on my ridiculously long bucket list, one of my Georgia quests and, something that I’ve wanted to do for years but never had the opportunity to go. Not to mention finding someone adventurous enough to go with me. It was also the second day of the 30th year of someone special to me. Who just so happens is equally as adventurous as me. Or crazy, depending on how you look at it.

Happy Birthday, Luke!

There will never be enough words that I could use to describe the pure adrenaline rush and the absolutely amazing feeling that you have when you’re standing at the edge of a plane; The door is open, the air is rushing in,  you’re looking down from 14,000 feet and you know in just a few seconds you’ll be plunging down to the tiny world below you. If anyone can describe this, please give me the words.


I flew through clouds. Clouds, people. For a brief moment, that felt like an eternity, I was flying in that big sky I look up at every day. I don’t look at that sky the same way anymore. I now know what it’s like up there, without a plane surrounding me. I also seemed to acquire this sense of confidence. What am I afraid of about x, y or z? I jumped from a plane. I absolutely can handle this.


Let me tell you about my experience and the amazing people at Skydive Atlanta. Hold tight for a ride and if you feel even the slightest urge to do this, go. It seems crazy, it really is crazy, others will tell you that you’re crazy, you probably are crazy to begin with, but just go. You will not regret it and I would have paid so much more for this opportunity multiple times over.

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