Chihuly in the Garden

I’ve been on a questing hiatus for the past few months but Chihuly in the Gardens at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens is an excellent way to return to my adventures. So without further ado: Back in 2004, Atlanta Botanical Gardens was just a young garden when Dale Chihuly did an exhibit there. Attendance and membership …


Black Rock Mountain State Park – Edmonds Backcountry Trail Revisit

I did say that I would never hike this trail again but I did. I am very glad I did because it was a totally different experience this time around. Not only was the trail easier but I shaved a few hours off my time too. If you want to know about the trail, you …

Indian Seats Revisted

I went on a repeat quest with a friend to Indian Seats at Sawnee Mountain. I just couldn't resist posting this for everyone to see. What a difference a few months make. I feel like we all escaped the winter apocalypse! Happy Spring Questing!