Pine Mountain – West Loop Trail

Pine Mountain was a bit of an odd quest, for reasons of getting lost but the overlook was stunning. For the record I did the West Loop and took to the trail by way of Komatsu Street. If you click here you can view the brochure for the trail so you know where to go or which trail you’d rather walk.   I liked this one in that there was a lot of rock cliffs to have fun taking photographs off of. There are two places of interest that I loved on the trail; One being the Fatman Squeeze and nearby Overlook. The summit overlook has a stunning view of Lake Allatoona, a sweeping plain and I’m told, a view of the Atlanta skyline (it was a bit too cloudy that day). Which also reminds me, this is about an hour and a half from Atlanta!

Near Fatman Squeeze you can see a large rock pile which is thought to be a Native American grave and a very unusual old-growth and gnarled tree that I simply loved with all my heart.

The West Loop Trail is about 4.5 miles but it connects to the East Loop Trail almost like a figure eight. It’s entirely possible to do both trails as a loop however, this particular day I only had time for one. It was a little steep at times and certainly proved to be a great workout but it wasn’t difficult. The only downside is that I did this quest right after the Snowpocalypse Part One so the trail was horribly muddy and I hadn’t purchased my new hiking boots yet so my running shoes took a beating. What’s an adventure without getting a little messy?  I really enjoyed trekking through this trail and the outlooks it provided. I don’t think I would call it a top five Georgia Quest but it was absolutely worth the trip for an off weekend.

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  1. I hike there a few times a week. If you do the East and West loops, plus the trail out to Coopers Iron Works and the Laurel Ridge trail it’s about 9 miles total. I plan to do that Saturday morning… I hope.

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