Black Rock Mountain State Park – Edmonds Backcountry Trail Revisit

I did say that I would never hike this trail again but I did. I am very glad I did because it was a totally different experience this time around. Not only was the trail easier but I shaved a few hours off my time too. If you want to know about the trail, you can read my first post about Edmonds here. I just wanted to revise my previous statements in that the trail was not actually the entrance to hell. I would rate it as moderate to difficult depending on the area. Minus the time at the top, it took about three and a half hours but they say to give yourself at least four. The only thing that stayed murderous and horrible was the last mile and a half of the trail. Just when your energy and legs are feeling tired you get to climb, nay, claw your way to the parking lot for 1.5 miles. I resorted to saying “left, right, left, right”. You should find some repetitive phrase to help you during this hell mile. Besides that, the trail was much easier this time around and here are the key reasons why:

  1. Food. This should be obvious but if you’re an idiot like I am, you’ll get distracted and won’t eat enough. Make sure to eat regularly to keep energy up.
  2. Make sure your hiking group adapts a pace that is easy enough to sustain. Breaks are needed but when you’re breaking a lot, it takes longer to get into the grove of things.
  3. When things get tough, just break into song. It helps. Okay, it may have only helped me but I firmly believe that “A Girl Worth Fighting For” from Mulan is an excellent song.
    1. “For a long time we’ve been marching off to battle. do dodo do do do. In a thundering herd, we feel a lot like cattle. do dodo do do do do.”

Also, traipsing through Black Rock during summer when all the leaves are green and beautiful, is absolutely stunning.

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