Panola Mountain State Park

Diamorpha on Panola Mountain
Diamorpha on Panola Mountain

What a gem of a park and so close to Atlanta, you really have no excuse for not checking this one out. Panola Mountain is another monadnock in the three-part Monadnock Madness. It has so many different things to do here for every age, you could go every weekend and not be bored. Zumba Fitness, Beginners to Intermediate Archery Lessons (good for Zombie preparedness), archery camp, moonlight hikes, tree top excursions, Junior Ranger Day Camp, bike tours, geocaching, fishing, camping! That’s just a few of the many things that Panola Mountain State Park offers.

Remember how fragile the ecosystem is on Arabia Mountain? Panola is even more so and because of that, you can only hike the whole mountain with a ranger. This was the first hiking trip I’ve done that wasn’t self-guided so I didn’t know what to expect. It was so much fun! You get to meet lovely people along the hike and learn and see things you’d probably miss if you were on your own. I even met a fellow Instagram friend on the hike! We didn’t even know it until the very end when we exchanged usernames.

Our guided hike was done with Jeff and he was an absolute blast! There are even reviews about Panola that give specific shoutouts to Jeff and his awesomeness. He keeps a good pace and stops to allow for people to take photographs and ask questions. He is part of Friends of Panola Mountain and you can click here to follow them on Facebook and here to follow them on Instagram! I recommend that you follow them so that you can be updated with the many events that happen through them. They also love getting photos from your trips to Panola so be sure to send them over!

Panola was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1980 because of its rare ecosystem, value to science and education and because of the condition of the mountain itself. Which is why you can only tackle this beauty with a ranger.  Unlike Arabia mountain and Stone Mountain, there has never been a quarry on Panola. It’s completely untouched and protected. Keep it that way, fellow humans!

We learned so many cool things about the surrounding areas of the park but because one of my favorite experiences on this quest was learning these things on the guided hike, I’m only going to show you photos and not explain anything. Ha! So get thee to the website click me and find out when the next guided hike is.

So three things to do:

1) Follow Friends of Panola Mountain State Park

2) Call and reserve to do the guided hike at $7 plus $5 parking. 770-389-7801.

3) Send me a message about your Panola Mountain experience

Happy Panola-questing!

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