Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you before when I was younger. I’ve blocked those days from my mind so I can’t be too sure. Here are some facts to shove into your face for a brief moment:

  1. Amicalola Falls is the tallest cascading waterfall in the south. Or some places say, east of the Mississippi (which I think should be said in the strongest and proudest southern accent)
  2. It is FOUR TIMES larger than the Niagra Falls.
  3. The Cherokee Indians called these parts home until we decided to forcibly remove them. ‘Merica!…..I say that with sarcasm.
  4. No one could spell the name of the falls:

Um-ma-eolola – William Williamson’s interpretation of the Cherokee word.

Amakalola – Common settler misspelling.

Armicalola – Common settler misspelling

Ummahcaloloke – settler misspelling

Ammacalola – Original name of Methodist Camp Ground

Amicalololololola – Tracy’s Spelling

2 Replies to “Amicalola Falls”

  1. Lmao at your spelling of Amicalola! Hahaha.

    Really, how is it bigger than Niagra Falls? You are not talking about the actual falls, are you? I’ve been here and it’s not that big (the falls) and that’s what she said. Haha

    1. Omar! You found my blog! I’m four quests behind on the blog….I fail.
      But yes, Amicalola is in fact TALLER (not bigger) than the Niagra Falls. From its top to its bottom, the waterfall
      plunges more than 729 feet, more than four times the height of Niagara Falls.

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