Helen, Georgia – Oktoberfest

First, let me start by apologizing for my absence. I have been going on quests but I’ve been too busy to post. So now that I have things cleaned up let’s get going!

If you’ve never been to Helen before, go. Do not wait! Helen is beautiful any time of year and if you want a more relaxed atmosphere I would recommend going before or after Oktoberfest which lasts essentially all month. I am planning another Helen trip for the summer so stay tuned for the photography spots and places to check out in another post. I’ve been told of many amazing places in and around Helen that is a photography dream. Helen is a tourist town that mimics a traditional Alpine village. It has the themed buildings, cobblestone pathways, scenic mountains in the background, horses and carriages, and more than 200 shops.

Oktoberfest in Helen is spent one of two ways, drunk or not drunk. You can choose to be herded into a tent near the main street with hundreds of others and pounding techno/dance music or you can head over to the Festhalle and experience a true feeling of Gemutlichkeit. Honestly, I would recommend the Festhalle. The moment I got in I was hit with such happiness and laughter. You pay the $10 fee and I would recommend heading immediately to the back and buying a collector Oktoberfest mug. You won’t regret paying it and don’t you dare fill it up with a beer you’ve had before! Try some of the truest German beers I have seen in Georgia.

As for the logistics, I would greatly suggest that you PLAN if you want to attend Oktoberfest in its entirety. This includes booking a hotel very early in advanced because it fills up very quickly the closer you get to October. The twp hotels I’ve heard to be great are The Castle Inn and the Alpine Village Inn. Also, prepare to sit in a very, very long traffic line to get into Helen. Keep your patience and admire the river as you drive about 2mph into the town.

As I said earlier, I’ll be returning to Helen in the Spring/Summer so I can take a few more pictures and actually explore the area.

Here are some photographs from the quest:

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