Providence Canyon State Park Revisited

I recently went back to check out Providence Canyon in the Spring. It's even more beautiful when everything is in full bloom! Make sure to check out this human mistake as soon as you can. The heat makes it quite unbearable for the canyon floor.  


Stone Mountain State Park

Let me first start out by saying I fully understand why everyone in this state loves to go to Stone Mountain. There are a lot of things to do there and I still have to go back to experience the laser show and some kayaking but I will say that I'll be procrastinating on those …

Mount Yonah

Okay, whatever plans you have this weekend, drop them. I mean it, drop them now and put Mount Yonah in your sights. Now I'm sure you know that I am behind in updating my blog by a few quests so this picture was taken in the middle of March. Which I would call Spring but …